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I sat in a coffee shop and watched the people around me. A young couple across the isle look like they are sharing a special moment. Through the window I saw a man passing by, looking over his shoulder as if he expected someone acting suspiciously behind him. The waitress attending to an elderly lady by a corner table looked troubled. I wondered what was behind all that. Next thing I know a story started to take shape in my mind.

For years I did not know what to do with all these stories that so easily trigger my imagination. I told my husband and he simply said: “Write them down”. I thought how, why? What would be the point of writing stories? There are too many stories that has no meaning, nothing that stayed with you after you’ve read them. I cannot waste my time writing just another story that no one would give a second thought to half an hour after reading it. That was the kind of story I’ve been writing since I was twelve years old.

A relative one day recommend a book she’d read, written by Francine Rivers. I borrowed the book from the local library. Reading it, I decided that was the kind of book I’d like to write. That was the genre I’d feel comfortable with. That decision changed everything for me. I wrote a number of short stories and worked them into a novel that portrayed my Christian beliefs. My first book, “Areafees” was born and published much later.

For various reasons I decided to write a book in English. The story of “My Father’s Will” started forming in my mind and it took me about eighteen months to finish. After that a number of novellas followed, all in the Christian Fiction genre. At first I self published these stories on Smashwords as ebooks until I found a publisher who was willing to publish them. They are now available also in hard cover and paperback.



Many years passed between writing my first short story and publishing my first book. Almost fifty years, to be honest. Sometimes I still can hardly believe it has happened. I finally, by the grace of YHWH am a published author! All glory to God! And now, apart from entertaining, I can also encourage my readers through my writing and use my talent to serve God’s Kingdom, which I will continue to do with all the stories that still need to be written.

Short Bio.

I was born in Kroonstad, one of the bigger towns in the Free State Province. We moved a few times and were living in the Vaal Triangle by the time I left school. After graduating from high school I went to live and study in Johannesburg where I spent most of my life, getting married there, reared my four children, who are married and made me grandma of nine fabulous grandchildren.

The time came for my husband to retire. We desired a slower pace of living, therefore we relocated to Cape Town where life was still a bit too busy. We are currently residing in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, one of the oldest towns in South Africa, in the heart of the Cape Winelands, with a rich history and old traditions.

My other interests are reading, painting, gardening and walking.

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