I live in one of the wealthiest towns in SA. Successful fruit and wine farming stretches over centuries. The town boasts the most prestigeous university in the country. Old traditions, old money.

Parents buy apartments for their children so they don’t have to live in any of the grand old dorms on campus during their study years. Some parents rent apartments furnish and equip them for the accademic year. After the final exam the students push the furniture and appliances out, give the bedding and linnen away, often to homeless people. Next year they buy everything new.

Homeless, among so much wealth? Yes, there are many people who sleep on pavements and not all do that by choice. Countrywide 27% unemployment, crime and layoffs force people from their homes.

Students chuck their old stuff out after one year’s use, on the other side of town little children buy one pencil and one erazer, break them in ten small pieces to share among themselves. Each child needs to have his own.

The contrast is startling and makes one wonder how this can be possible. Since time began there have been wealth as well as poverty. But it seems lately the devide is broadening every year. Handouts hardly make a difference.

From a Christian viewpoint fundraisers can be held, donations made, education offered, but isn’t that treating the simptoms? As long as the powers that be pull the strings, everyone dances. Much can be said and written about it, but if there are dark forces behind the way the world is going, the heart of the conspiracy will have to be revealed.

The question is, how will a conspiracy be revealed, proofed to exist, or even discovered? And if so, what’s to do about it. These matters touch on the book I’m writing right now.

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