World Wide Water Crisis


pablo (100)ocean

“Water, water everywhere …” but so little available to drink. We live on a blue planet, yet clean drinkable water gets scarcer as urbanization increases and water management fails to keep up with demand.

People in the Western Cape got quite a scare when the announcement was made that soon there would be no water running from their taps. The water levels in the dams are so low that the usable water has shrunk to a minimum while on the surface evaporation takes place at an alarming rate because of the abnormal high summer temperatures. People rushed to every possible outlet where water was available. Good reasons were afterward given for the repeated postponing of “Day Zero”.


pablo (100)drought


Mainly climate change is blamed for drought in some places and floods in others. Human interference with the flow paths of rivers, like the Californian water wars and deforestation of our rain forests gets mentioned as causes for water shortages. What lies behind those issues, we can only speculate on.

There are many questions about climate change, water crisis, overpopulation, poverty, disease and health issues, but we might never have all the answers. Unless we read between the lines and form a holistic opinion of what is really cooking behind the scenes.


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