Teach by Story

A lady bought one of my books today. She told me she does not normally read fiction, but prefers good, solid spiritual self-improvement teachings. Many people tell me the same thing. They don’t read fiction, for whatever reason, mostly because they like books that teaches something.  I don’t have a problem with that. Everyone has the right to his personal preferences, although this is not incurable. My own brother assured me he never read fiction. After I encouraged him to read one of my books – fiction, of course – he changed his mind and now he can hardly wait for my next book to be released.

My personal preference includes teaching through fiction. I love to read a good story that demonstrates some moral principal or how to deal with a certain life issue. Instead of telling “how to”, a story shows “how to”. Instead of preaching or instructing, a story presents a problem and through a character’s dealing with that issue, suggests a way to resolve the problem.

Isn’t that exactly what the parables are, told by Jesus? By placing the hearers/readers in the middle of a situation with a character and working through to get to the other side whole and wiser the reader might learn something in the process. Later a problem in his own life may present itself and, by associating the issue with a character in the book, he might find a solution to his problem.

The best part is that stories, whether they teach something or not, they are entertaining. We are relaxed when we read a story. We enjoy reading a story. This causes us to be open and receptive. In a way we can say we learn while being entertained. We are uplifted and encouraged while being entertained. Isn’t that a great way to receive teaching and solve our problems? For me it is the best way. That’s why I write what I write the way I write.

Magdel Roets


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