Quick Notification

First of all I want to wish all my faithful readers a blessed and joyful 2018.

Stellenbosch Hospice shops did great during the holiday period, we are now ready to take it a step further. Rested and ready to roll, we expect this year to be even better, due to the hard work and diligence of the current staff members, those who have been faithful workers for many years.

Rested I am personally ready for the coming year. As the Hospice shops are expected to do well and go forward, I too have plans for my writing to do well this year. This is not my regular full length newsletter, but I want you all to be on the look out for my webinar. My publisher and I are making progress and will soon be able to announce a time and date for the event.

This will be a free webinar. You will not be expected to buy my books, (although I will be your greatest fan if you do). Neither will I ask you to become clients of my publisher, but you will get a chance to get to know him, if you want. This webinar is about how I became a published author and how you can get to know me as if I am a neighbor.

Looking forward to sharing all this info with you and perhaps make closer contact if you so choose.

Magdel Roets