Mindful Monday

Imagine you are on a beach; the sun is shining brightly, there is a light wind blowing and people walking their dogs, lying on a towel, sitting under an umbrella and children playing about. Imagine one drop of water in the ocean rising to the surface, gets picked up in evaporated form and joins millions of other drops high up in the sky where clouds are formed. The wind blows the cloud inland, up against the mountain, higher and higher until condensation takes place. Rain starts falling. This one little drop from the ocean falls onto the ground, finds it’s way down to the river and ends up in the town’s dam. From there it is directed through a channel, through a pipe and when you open your tap, it drops into your glass. You drink the water, which then starts a new journey back to the ocean.

Imagine the journey a drop of blood takes through your arteries and veins, your heart never taking a rest to get oxygen to all the different parts of your body where it is needed. Imagine you get to work on a Monday morning and instead of an abrupt “g’morning, now get on with the job”, your boss calls a staff meeting, tell you to close your eyes and follow the drop of water or journey with the drop of blood and think, be mindful of things other than the work you came to do. Wouldn’t the world be a different place if workers could start their Mondays this way?

This is how we, at my workplace start our Mondays. Tuesday through Saturday there is not much time for a deliberate exercise in mindfulness, but staff meetings are just as uplifting and encouraging as those on Mondays. A boss who is constantly mindful of the workers, makes a difference to all, with regard to attitude and motivation. There is no negative attitude among the workers. We are a team, lead by a great team leader. In spite of her high position in the company and her strong leadership qualities, she is humble and sees herself not as our boss, but a team member.

I can’t stand flattery and I have an aversion to flatterers. So, when the person I just described, gives complements – which she does sparingly lest it becomes suspect – you can take it seriously. This morning’s meeting was all about the good every worker brought to the company. She addressed each one separately and spoke out her appreciation for the good qualities in each individual. No one has ever said the nice things about me that she said. That is what motivates to do even better. But if she spoke out any concerns about what is less good, it would have been just as strong a motivator, because I know my imperfections and my desire for doing the best I can.

The best I can, is to do a good job at my work place while not neglecting my writing career after hours. Which means I have to start up the computer after supper and forget about reclining in my Lazy Boy, watching TV. First work on the platform and if I don’t fall asleep on top of the keyboard, I might fit in a few minutes actually writing, add a paragraph or two, perhaps even a chapter to my next story. It sounds rough, but nothing is more rewarding. And my publisher is very understanding. He often says he uses a sledge hammer to get his writers going, but nice guy that he is, that sledge hammer is always well cushioned. I am grateful and honored to work with people like my boss and my publisher. Noor and Evan, ur da best.

I recently announced that I am changing the genre in which I write. It is true in a way, but the main genre stays the same, only the sub or secondary genre changes. I will never write anything that can be described as entirely secular. My stories will always be from Christian perspective with the purpose of uplifting and encouraging entertainment. The change comes in where I used to write light, easy reads, I now move to the darker territory of conspiracy, si-fi, paranormal and the supernatural, but still with the focus on the Christian side and life style.

This of course requires a lot more research. It is easy to get trapped in all kinds of unholy stuff and I have to guard my heart and mind not to go too deep into these things. I am not a dumb fly and I will not be lured into the spider’s web. Knowing about them is good enough. I don’t have to know much detail of evil stuff. I am good at Google, but working in a bookshop comes in handy here. There is an amazing variety of books that deal with the material I’m handling in my next story, “The god of these Times”.

More about this in my next blog. Until then, be mindful of many things that usually goes unnoticed and unacknowledged.

Be Blessed,

Magdel Roets

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