Cutting Clutter, Cleaning House.



Being fired is not always a bad thing. When your’re overloaded and the burdens are getting too heavy, things can go sadly wrong. That happens when we take too much hay on the fork. Better take on a few tasks and do them well than trying to please everybody by doing everything and make a mess of all.

Six weeks ago I had to resign from my position as deputy secretary of the Golden Games club, because I could no longer take part in any of the activities as my full time job does not allow free day time. It was a sad thing for me because I felt I had dropped the club. I was looking forward to serving on the management team to which I was elected only a short while previously.

Today I was relieved of my duties as representative of the Old Age Home. It was decided by head office that, since I am no longer available 24/7, I cannot practically fulfill the purpose of my position. Another representative was elected right away. Was I sad? On the contrary. I felt light as if I was floating on a cloud. Only then did I realize what a stressful burden it had been for me. Immediately after the meeting I handed over my minutes to the new rep, congratulated her and skipped out of the room. What a relief! Yes, it was an honor to serve, but responsibilities as stresses had it’s effect on me to such an extent that my writing and all things important to me fell through the cracks. Neglecting those things out of “necessity” caused more stress that resulted in writer’s block. Instead of writer’s blog. Now I am feeling open, clean and refreshed with a view right up to the horizon, like the picture above.

Well, I am happy to announce I’m back and ready to roll. Roll out the blogs, Facebook posts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, not to mention finishing the two books I have been working on like forever. With all the clutter cut away, house cleaned from cobwebs and priorities back where they belong, I am on the go like a freight train is on its way.

Talking about my next book. If you like sci-fi and paranormal, you’ll enjoy “The god of these Times”. AI, self-driving cars and copter-limozines are not unusual commodities in the lives of the characters. Touchable holograms are everyday stuff, while the “god of these times” perform “miracles”, misleading millions and draw them into worshiping him. The Bible book of Daniel and also Revelation tells much about this “god”, but we all know what his end will be. My book contains no prophecy or any resemblance to real people, alive or deceased. It is just a story based on my personal interpretation of certain chapters in the Bible combined with things that are happening today. All I have to do, is to find a way for good to overcome evil.

Magdel Roets
Poet & Writer of Christian Fiction.
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