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A pink cloud carried me up and away on the day I learned that my first book was released to the public of eagerly waiting readers. That cloud-walking lasted for days. I did not believe I’d get that excited ever again about anything, because slowly, the cloud turned grey and later disappeared. But I was wrong. With the publication of my next book, the pink cloud returned and I thought nothing can copy this feeling, let alone top it. Again I was wrong. Third time round the excitement is just as strong and the gratefulness that I have the privilege to have yet another book out on the market is indescribable.

Unlike my first book, “My Father’s Will”, “The Bigger Fish” and “Man in a Picture” are a little heavier reading and a lot more emotional. Proofing “Man in a Picture” made me use as many Kleenex’s as when I was writing the story. It begins at the death of an eighty-plus old lady. In her cold hand that was pressed close to her heart, the matron of the old age home where she lived, found a picture of a few men; one face was encircled in red. The family did not know who this man was, but they were determent to find out. Their search took them all the way back to World War Two where it all began.

During the bombardment of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, a family was split up. The father fled with his young son one way, the mother taking her little girl another way. The bombs kept on falling and looking back, to where her father and brother had been, the girl saw with anguish that only rubble remained. Before her mother could turn back to see if they survived, they were grabbed by soldiers who came to their rescue. How could anyone come out alive out of the heap of broken bricks and plaster anyway?

While following every possible lead, the mystery was cleared up from an unexpected source. This part is where the box of Kleenex gets emptied. And Polly the parrot is part of it. (Oh, no, just thinking about it, makes me reach for a new box). Anyway, contact was made, new relationships were formed and lives were changed. The end always has to be a happy one to make up for all the heartache.

And now full steam ahead with the next novella, “Seagull’s Prey” and full length novel, “The god of these Times” which I hope to have ready for my publisher before the end of this year.

Happy reading: “Man in a Picture”.

Magdel Roets

Poet & Writer of Christian Fiction.

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