New Title is Out!

A little research and lots of Kleenex and finally this book is out and available on Amazon. “Man in a Picture” is a story that takes you back to WWII to the day Rotterdam was bombed by the Nazis and many people had to flee. There were not as many deaths as the media sensationalized, but the city was almost flattened. Most people escaped in time; those who heeded the warnings. Many did not, and was harmed. Hans was one of those who waited too long and lost half his family, never to see his wife and daughter again.

Many years later a granddaughter went on a hunt to discover the identity of a man in her grandmother’s photograph. Where do you start if you have only the image of an unknown face on yellowed paper? In the end, the mystery was cleared in an unexpected way. The result was happy, tearful, among other things.

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