Birthday Month Special

Let’s talk about the books I have published, those I have written, waiting in line to be published, and those I am still writing.  Two books have been released last year: “My Father’s Will” and “The Bigger Fish”.  Father’s Will is a cozy, easy-read and meant to be enjoyed under a shade tree in the back yard, next to the pool or on a winters night by the fire.

Bigger Fish is about two student girls with childhood issues that cause them to look for love and acceptance in the wrong places.  One chooses hard work in her studies, the other in substance abuse.  A man, with smoldering brown eyes make his appearance in their lives, each expecting something different from him.  What he has to offer comes as a complete surprise.  They both have to make a choice.  A choice that would change their lives for ever.  Tragedy, romance, love and redemption bring all the loose ends together.

“Man in a Picture” is a story that takes a turn back to WWII on the day of the Rotterdam Blitz when the city was just short of being flattened by Nazi bombing.  A family was separated, each believing the others were killed.  The truth was discovered almost eighty years later when the hunt for a man whose picture was discovered – with no one left to reveal his identity – brought strangers together to let each add his own piece of the puzzle.  This book is in its final stage of proofing before it goes to the printers.  It is expected to be released soon.  The date will be announced in a blog on: and on my Facebook Page:

The books that I am writing, change in tone to somewhat of a dramatic kind, to downright sinister suspense.  “Seagull’s Prey” a novella, touches the thriller genre, while “The god of these Times” is a dark, religious thriller and, as described by a beta reader, “the mother of all conspiracies”.  More about these in a blog next week.

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Now for the great news I have for you!

This is my birthday month. Instead of expecting gifts, I am giving gifts! I have my books on sale this month: “My Father’s Will” for only $4.95, (normal price $9.95) and “The Bigger Fish” for $0.95, (normal price 4.95)!!!!

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Be Blessed till Next Time,

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