December Slothing

As the holiday approach I try my best to push work as hard as I can. But mind and body have other plans. Gradually I find myself slowing down, unintentionally, unwillingly, but inevitably. Midsummer heat is not helping. With Celsius soaring and wobbling round thirty degrees, energy levels descend as the temperatures escalate.

Nevertheless I get a few things done each day. This morning I worked on the paintings for cover images of two of my books. In this weather they might be dry enough to finish tomorrow and then my publisher can have them.

Next week, God willing I will spend my days either on a beach, in coffee shops of just lying around catching up on my reading. I have numerous ebooks waiting, not to mention paper books awaiting my attention. My good friend Elsabe send me her debut short story bundle, I collected it from the post office this morning, and can hardly wait to get into the pages.

Throughout the holiday I will try my best to do a blog or too, even if it happens at a sloth’s pace. Socializing on social media will not be neglected, but in slow motion as well. What more can I say. It is time now, for this sloth to log out and do something else in slomo. See ya next time, wheneva that may be.

Keep well and be blessed.

Magdel Roets
Poet & Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.



Ps. I had to add these pics, because they show where my main character in “Seagull’s Prey” will be walking while she tries to hide from her enemies. And this is where I might spend a day or two during my time off.

Thank you for visiting. Please call again.

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