Black Friday/Good Friday

The rush is on. People get up at five in the morning and race to the shops. They want to be first in line when the doors are opened, just to find others have camped out in front of the shops since Thursday night.

The moment arrives. The doors swing open and a stampede erupts. Pushing, shoving everyone wants to get to that special item on discount, otherwise not affordable. You grab that down pillow and slap the lady next to you on the head with same pillow if she tries to take it away from you. Your husband wrestles a power drill from a desperate contender and points the drill in his direction like a gun at his attempt to retrieve his treasure.

Someone fills her trolley with groceries on discount. Turning away for two seconds to get an item from the top of a shelve, another grabs the trolley and trots toward the check out. Now what? You get another trolley, if you are able to grab one from a buyer who has just emptied it at the till. Most of the items you have been collecting before the theft took place, are now staring at you in their absence on empty shelves. What do you do? You shop from other trolleys relieving those shoppers of their hard earned finds.

#Black Friday brings out the worst in people. Normally polite, some of us leave good manners at home. Patience are pushed aside. Unselfish conduct is forgotten. Neighborly love is non existent. I want what I want and I want it now because I worship things. No matter what happens, I’ll get what I want because I worship what I can see, hear, feel and taste. I worship what I can use and I worship the social standing those things give me.

We all want what we can’t have. We desire what is out of reach. We struggle to get forward, to improve our live styles. We work hard to earn more so we can buy more. When an opportunity to acquire those things still out of reach, shopping spree goes into a frenzy as if there will never be an opportunity to buy anything again. But for what? For things that are consumed. Things that eventually get old, worn out and perish.

What do we do when things eternal are offered? Do we rush in a frenzy to acquire those? Do we rush to the cross on #Good Friday? Do we push each other aside to be washed by the blood of #Yeshua? Do we fall down in repentance and worship the only God and creator of all that exists? Do we love the One giver if life? The only One who offers life eternal?

We feel so worthy if we can say: “I worked hard and I paid for what I have.” We find it hard to accept free gifts. We want to be able to say: “I have earned it”.Is that why we find it so hard to believe that eternal life is a free gift from God to us, through the blood of Yeashua? Eternal life is not hard to find. It is offered to us on a platter. All we have to do, is receive it in faith, accept it with humble heart spirit and sincere heart.

Let the empty madness of Black Friday and futile contest to hoard perishables that so easily consumes us, be replaced with the peaceful, joyful calm of Good Friday and the resurrection that followed. Let us keep our eyes on the Saviour who is also our provider, even in the worst of times. Let us choose to receive the free gift of eternal life above all the treasures of the world, whether purchased at discount or not. Choose life, purchased for us with the precious blood of Yeshua who asks nothing in return, but faith in Him, the anointed One.

Magdel Roets
Poet & Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.


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