Thirty First Poem

Magdel Roets Author

Following here, is the thirty first poem for the anthology I am preparing for my publisher:

Icon Idol

The man just died.

We bow our heads and mourn.

We post his praises on every single

social media platform.

What a great mind he was,

what wonderful lessons he taught,

what a valuable contribution he made,

what amazing changes he brought.

For days on end

tributes pour in,

obituaries are read.

Not once was asked:

“Did he know his Maker?

Did he believe the Saviour?

Did he even once

give credit to the One

who gave his very breath

and offered His blood

as ransom for his life?”

We worship man

for good deeds done

but never give thought

to where it all has gone.

The futility of idol worship

versus worshiping the One,

the great I AM.

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