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Magdel Roets Author

huis ysterplaat 2 of 3

The Bigger Fish:

It was Wednesday.  Joni came home late from painting class.  She had tried and tried again to make a perfect painting.  Oil paint was the medium she felt most comfortable with, yet her best efforts were no better than mediocre.  Deep in thought about her inability to create a great work of art, she entered the apartment.  She called out for Liza, but the place was deafeningly quiet.

In the kitchen was a glass upside down in the drying rack.  A banana peel lay on the counter next to the fruit basket.  Joni picked it up and dropped it in the trashcan.  Without any specific reason, she went to Liza’s room.  From time to time, Liza sorted out her stuff vigorously, tidying up to perfection, just to let it slip little by little until the room was in a mess again.  Right then it was about in…

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