Launching my Books.


Book One:



Another series of book launches are on their way. The first will take place on                      4th November 2016 at 14h00 Standard African Time. The second launch will start twelve hours later at 14h00 Alaska Time. 

They will be virtual launches where everyone gets to chat about my books, my writing and the places where my stories are set. “The Bigger Fish” is not set in any specific place, but “My Father’s Will” is partly set in Johannesburg and partly in Cape Town. The history and character of both cities can be discussed. There will be a quiz and for the first correct answer there will be a little surprise.

Added to the launch of “My Father’s Will” and “The Bigger Fish”, I will say a little something about the next three books in line waiting to enter the production process. I will also make mention of the books I am currently writing.

This is the link where my book launch can be found:

My Father’s Will:

Stephan Howard Hammond knew he could count on his children to squander the fortune he would leave them in his will. His anguish over their future left him no choice but to find someone dependable to provide for them when the money ran out. This meant he had to reveal some deep hidden secrets, not knowing what the effect would be, unaware that Francine had already discovered part of the truth. Struggling through her own shock and disappointment she decided to keep quiet about what she had found until it was too late. With more secrets revealed, she must still go through with the plans her father’s will provided for her, even though it required her to watch her brothers and sister throw their inheritance to the wind, and withstand her unsympathetic treatment of her.

Book Two:




The Bigger Fish:

A story about two girls, art students who have issues from their past. They deal with these issues in different ways. Lisa tends to dampen the hurts with substance abuse, Joni is academically driven almost to a point of over achieving. Then they spot the man with the deep brown eyes and they both fall for him, but not in a million years would the imagine in what way Quintin was to affect their lives.

Shortened link to my book launch:


If you have attended the virtual launch and wish to comment, please add your email address to my inbox so I will know where to find you, should you qualify for a prize.


See you there.

Magdel Roets
Poet & Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.

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