Charities. Robin Hood in Reverse?

Magdel Roets Author

It is a noble thing to be involved in charity work. Everyone would agree with that. Especially if it is done voluntarily with no form or shape of remuneration. We do it because it makes us feel good. Good about ourselves, good about life in general. Good to know we do something for the needy, the under-privileged, the homeless, the lowly, the cast-outs and the drop-outs, the elderly and the orphaned.

We organize fundraisers to pay for all these services of compassion. The feeding schemes, soup-kitchens, the clothing schemes, the blankets in winter, the picnics in summer, the dinners and outings and treats. At the end of a hard days work doing good deeds, we sit down in our Lazyboys feeling warm and fuzzy inside because of all we have accomplished.

What do we accomplish? We put food in an empty stomach. We put clothes on a child shivering from…

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