Season of Festivities


The season kicked off with the Spring Ball fundraising event for the benefit of hospice in Stellenbosch. It was held at 401 Rozendal Winery on the 10th of September. A cool breeze was blowing in from the south, but fires on the front patio warmed those who chose to enjoy a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvre in the fresh air outside. The attendance was good. The young people of Stellenbosch enjoyed the rare get together on a beautiful wine estate, but there were a good number of mature aged people. The wine was exquisite food was excellent, the music inviting. The dancers had a great time. A generous sum of money was donated to hospice. The guest of honour was Marie Wilkin, the CEO of Hospice Stellenbosch, who received the donation.


Lunch at Schoongezicht on the 23rd September was the next event of the season. The variety of dishes at the buffet was overwhelming. Well prepared, the food was delicious. It is a place I will certainly visit again.


The next event was a high tea organised for heritage month. The guests were treated by a professional artist who performed a humorous poem. Traditional recipes were used to prepare the eats, by the students of the local culinary school in preparation of their oncoming exams. To my mind, they all deserved an A+. A professional cook, who attended the event, confirmed my humble opinion.



Another fundraiser was held in the form of a breakfast. The members of the Golden Games Club need sweatsuits. They did all the work of organizing the event and selling tickets. They prepared the hall, setting up tables and decorated the place, prepared the food, enjoyed the food and cleaned up after the feast.

Today and on the 19th, two of my sons-in-law will celebrate their birthdays. I am not sure what else in in store for us this month, but surely there will be more festivities to enjoy.

Magdel Roets

Poet & Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.

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