It’s Party Time

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Three more days before the party. Please join us on Saturday 13th August for the virtual launch party of my book “My Father’s Will”.

I am sending invites out to all who is interested in attending my virtual book launch party. This is a VIRTUAL launch party. You don’t have to be there in person. Just be there on facebook. Come dressed which ever way you want, have coffee and your favourite snacks ready and come join us for some fun. We will be talking about my book that was released earlier this year. “My Father’s Will”.


A short discription af the story:

Stephan Howard Hammond knew he could count on his children to squander the fortune he would leave them in his will. His anguish over their future left him no choice but to find someone dependable to provide for them when the money ran out. This meant he had to reveal some deep hidden secrets, not knowing what the effect would be, unaware that Francine had already discovered part of the truth. Struggling through her own shock and disappointment she decided to keep quiet about what she had found until it was too late. With more secrets revealed, she must still go through with the plans her father’s will provided for her, even though it required her to watch her brothers and sister throw their inheritance to the wind, and withstand her unsympathetic treatment of her.

A few excerpts:

  1. The flight is delayed for five minutes waiting for some dignitary to board.  To me it feels like fifty.  ‘Try to relax,’ I tell myself.  It serves no purpose to be in a hurry now.  It’s over.  He is gone and nothing will change that.  If only I could have a chance to say goodbye.  The plane slowly taxis out towards the runway.  We are on our way.  High up in the sky I start to think about the consequences for me.  And I am terrified.  How will I manage?  I am not ready for this.  I cannot do it!  Daddy why couldn’t you live forever?  Yeshua, You have to help me.

2.  Terrence and Stacy are in a hurry.  They need to get out and celebrate.  Or so I thought.  No need to hang around among the snobbish siblings who, except I, never wanted anything to do with them.  They both hug me warmly.  Discretely they excuse themselves, collect Stevie and then they are gone.


The others linger just long enough not be impolite, not to look too eager to start living the good life.  Except Edwin.  He complains – as usual – about the huge amounts that Dad gave away to the various different charities and missions that he supported all his life.  He feels the children should have received all of it.  And what about the company?  Where will the profits be going?  Dad must have had a reason why he left me out of the will and no one is going to change that, convinced that he speaks for everyone in the room.

“So don’t expect anyone of us to share,” he says, piercing me with his bright blue eyes, Dad’s eyes.  Enid just turns her head away and I know that apart from Aunt Emma, she might be the only one who does not agree with him.  She pats him on the arm trying to calm him down.  They all shake their heads in disbelief.  How could Dad do this to Francine, his own flesh and blood.  And to think she was so close to him all this time, they whisper among themselves.  Just shows you how far “sucking up” can get you in the end.  At this moment, I have some nasty thoughts to deal with.  Do they think I’m deaf?


Anita looks at me as if to say ‘so, who’s disinherited now?’  But she doesn’t say anything.  She pecks me on the cheek like she would a distant cousin and leaves shortly after Terrence and Stacy.  I can imagine them giving each other high five, low five and whatever five there is, the moment the door closes behind them.  I’d like to give them each a kick five were my toes not in my shoes.  If these people someday will need taking care of, it will not be done by me.


3.  The man looked very familiar and as I approached him, I recognized him as a former customer.  He was no taller than the average man, but a lot more handsome, dark blue eyes, dark, curly brown hair and the cutest Tom Selleck-dimples.  We were happy to see each other.  He used to come almost every Saturday for coffee and cake.  I smiled and my heart danced.  Gerald Crompton was back.


Although I will be launching my first book, I will make mention of the second one, “The Bigger Fish” and the next, “Late Summer Lily”.


We will also discuss the cities Johannesburg and Cape Town, which is where the story plays out. A question or two might be asked to test your knowledge of the cities. And, who knows, for the first correct answer, there might be a surprise gift.

Let’s go party!

Magdel Roets
Poet, Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.

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