Introducing The Bigger Fish

This is my second book published in print by Publication Consultants. The Bigger Fish is about two young girls, art students, whose lives are changed in more than one way, after meeting this gorgeous hunk they later learned, was an up coming artist himself. Both had troubled pasts and they reacted to this man differently. They imagined one thing, but got something completely different.

Research for this story was easy. Most of the issues are common knowledge. I just had to work them into the lives of the characters in a unique way. That does not mean writing this book was easy. There is too much emotion involved to run through the story and reach the end unscathed, for me, at least. Getting to know Liza, the cute, curly-top blond girl meant getting involved. Her complex personality  touches the heart and when she needs to be rescued, you would want to be her hero. Her roommate, Joni is stronger and did not need rescuing, but is equally easy to grow fond of.

When Quintin comes along, both girls lose focus and set their sites on him. Who is going to win his favour? Who is worthy of his favour? One steppes down deciding she does not deserve him. Focusing on his naughty young stepbrother, Tommy, her life takes a turn for the worse. She did not consider herself worthy of the attention of a man like Quintin, she’ll go for the small fish. Let her roomy have the bigger fish, she deserves him. But dreaming about this hunk is harmless and comes at no cost.

An excerpt from “The Bigger Fish”:

.  Before either of them could say anything, the door opened and Liza walked in, froze when she saw Quintin and asked uncertainly:  “Hi, what … ?”  Quintin got up from his chair and said:  “Hi, Liza, good to see you.  I came looking for you.  Didn’t know you had a roommate.”

“Why were you looking for me?  You have news from Tommy?”

“Oh, yea.  Tommy’s doing okay.  Looks like he’ll be clean when he comes out.”

“So, it’s true.  He is in rehab?”

“Yes.  And it’s doing him a lot of good.  He’ll be fine.  So, how are you doing?”

“Fine.  Thanks for asking.”

“Well, I’d better be going.  Just wanted to know if you’re okay.”  Joni walked him to the door, but halfway he turned around and asked:  “Wouldn’t you girls like to attend a fun evening with me?”

“When and where?”  They both looked eager.

“Friday night.  At my church.  Can I pick you up at six-thirty?”

“Church?”  The girls looked at each other.  If it were anyone else asking them, they would giggle and decline.  But, with this guy they’ll go anywhere.

“Sure, yea,” said Joni.

“We’ll be ready,” added Liza.

“Great.  See you Friday.”


Next blog will be about my next book: “Late Summer Lily”, a story about older people. Senior citizens and their issues and hang-ups.

Magdel Roets
Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.


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