Wine for Clothes


Wine for Clothes.


The way to the Jordan Wine Estate is a long, curvy, single lane road through many acres of vineyard.  It was a misty, drizzly day when we took the scenic drive out to the winery.  We were met by Thea who told the story of ‘wine in exchange for clothes’.

It was about seven years ago that the idea for the project started.  There was a cancellation of an overseas order.  This resulted in a dispatch that could not be delivered, so many bottles of wine, all labelled up and nowhere to go.  Gary and Kathy got the idea to do something special that would benefit more than one.  People were encouraged to bring clothes to the winery.  For every kilogram of clothing, one bottle of wine would be exchanged to a maximum of twenty-four bottles of wine per donation.  The clothes would then be distributed to a number of charities.

During that first season, the interest in the project was promising.  More than one hundred kilograms of clothing was collected.  The amount of clothing grew to five tons that was collected during the 2014 Winter Charity Drive that takes place every year from mid-May to August, or as long as the wine lasts.  There is also a Summer Festival in either October or November.  An open day is held with live entertainment, wine tasting and much more.  The entrance fee goes to Animal Welfare, Border Collie Rescue and PETS.  Jordan supports various initiatives like The Chameleon Bursary, Bumble Bee and Women in Wine Initiative, as well as various charities.

Hospice is one of many charities to which clothes are donated.  These donations go towards their charity shop, where used clothes are sold at a very affordable price.  All donations are very helpful to hospice as they need funding to finance various different services.

Patients in the hospice wards need constant, intensive care.  There is at least one permanently appointed nurse present with each patient at all times.  The cost of providing such care is high, as anyone can imagine.  This care includes food, medication and whatever the patient needs for personal hygiene and everything else.

Patients at home are taken care of by a qualified caregiver who visits the patient at home to provide the specific needs.  Sometimes the caregiver has to drive a considerable distance to get to the patient.  At the current price of fuel, the cost of such visits can stretch the bill.

When a death occurs, there are counsellors available to render bereavement assistance for the family.

Although there are many volunteers, permanent staff needs to be paid a salary on top of many other expenses.

The donations from the Jordan Wine Estate go to good use in the hands of the competent staff who work so hard to provide the excellent services hospice has become famous for.





Magdel Roets

Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.





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