Selective Indifference.



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Statistics say Stalin killed 30 million Russians. I didn’t know there were that many. Statistics say Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Some people are, after 70 years still up in arms about it. Others say it simply is not true. Genocide in Africa was caused by tribal intolerance. Or is there something else behind it? In 2001 over 3000 people died in attacks on America. News agencies reported on it all over the world for weeks. Conspiracy theorists say there was more behind it than was being told. Still, sympathy was conveyed in various ways for a long time afterward. There were attacks in Europe, the latest was the Paris shooting. People ask what is behind it. Are the reports accurate? Weather true or not, how do we react to it, how do we feel about it?

Big attacks in important places attract attention. Big cities in America and Europe are focal points and things that happen there, make the news. Attacks where many people die or get injured make breaking news. Single attacks and murders, however frequent, are hardly ever reported. I am referring to farm attacks and murders in South Africa. Once every five or six months nationwide news reports on a farm killing. Research show there are several killings every month.

But these are not just killings. Take a gun and shoot fifty people down and everyone make a noise about it. Torture elderly or children for hours before killing them or just leave them to die slowly, and no one says a word. On the contrary. Excuses are being fabricated and the ”legacy” of apartheid is blamed in spite of the fact that a small number of those attacks are on black farmers. I am not defending apartheid and the horrors that occurred because of it, but I cannot keep quiet about the horrors of post-apartheid. Not if everyone screams reconciliation, but no one practices it.

When are people going to speak out about farm killings? When is the world going to take notice, hang SA flags over their profile pictures? When is someone going to do something to convince our government to stop the killings? Or allow farmers to do something about it themselves? Fire-arm ownership is restricted. Since the commandos were banned, farmers were left vulnerable and the frequency of murder cases escalated. The excuse for banning the commandos were political, but political involvement in the farm attacks are being denied, vehemently.

We might never know what the truth is behind it all. All we know is that people choose to make a noise about certain killings and select to be indifferent about others. Take the easy road. If the world screams, go along and scream louder. If the world is quiet, the issues are too sensitive to get involved. And in the mean time savage murders continue unhindered and unnoticed, on white farmers as well as black farmers. When all farmers are dead, where will our food come from? Will those who scream: “land reform” produce anything? It is doubtful.

Zimbabwe drove their farmers out, now that hunger strikes, they lure them back. Dead farmers cannot be lured back. Who wants a ghost to produce your food? Let us rather select to care and speak out before it is too late and the land is ruined.

Magdel Roets
Writer of Christian Faction, Non-Fiction and Fiction.

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