Retire? What’s that?

Most people reach the age where they decide to sit back, relax and take it easy, doing the things they have always denied themselves so they can work and provide for their families. Some years ago I tried that. And then I started writing. Then published, and now I am so busy marketing, networking and a lot more, that sometimes I long for the easy days when I had a full time career and a household.

Standing on the promenade at Seapoint, while I lean on the railing, gazing over the ocean and watch the ships disappear over the blue horizon or sitting on a stump under the green canopy of tall trees in a forest, watching the squirrels at play and listen at the thousand songs composed by a thousand different kinds of birds seems to be what I need. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I could do that every day, all day long.

But, no, no. No time for that. Too much to do. Lots of stuff to sort out for my publisher, the arrangements for a launch to finalize, meetings to attend. Not to mention social events to attend, which I can count as networking, and not in the least relaxing. On Friday alone I had two meetings apart from the usual Friday bustle of household chores, shopping and everyday life happenings. For some people who are really busy, it may sound like I’m on holiday, but I’m supposed to be retired, remember.

Saturday we had some time to relax, a very pleasant get-together with in-laws, which prevented us to do our weekly voluntary work at hospice, but the world did not end because of it. We needed the break and made full use of it, walking on the beach, the cool False Bay water lapping at our feet for an hour before we had to meet the in-laws for lunch.

Apart from writing, what keeps me busy is marketing efforts for my book, “My Father’s Will” through networking on social media and letting people know about it. The effort of networking itself is no big deal. Struggling with a signal that considers itself retired and completely unwilling to co-operate, is what makes the cookie crumble. Ten minute’s work takes an hour to complete. If this were not true, I would have had some pictures of the promenade at Seapoint and the tall trees of the forest to show so you can all see what I am pining for. I tried to upload pics, I really tried, but after an hour I gave up. This blog has to be finished this century, after all, pic or no pics.

It is tough to keep going like this, but I’d rather work myself to a standstill, than letting my life pass me by with nothing to show for it. I will keep on writing my stories, expressing myself in my blogs, hoping to entertain and encourage through words. It may not be much, it might not make a big difference, but if one person is touched by it, I consider it worth the effort, for it is by the grace of God that I do what I do. All glory and honor to the name of my King and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ

Magdel Roets.


Writer of Christian fiction, blogger and
painter of Biblical themes.


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