After the Holidays

On Friday we commemorated the death of Jesus. Saturday was His day in the grave and early Sunday morning He rose and left the grave behind. We celebrated His resurrection and rejoiced. Death has no more hold on us, it is defeated.

These events did not occur so we can have annual holidays. They happened so we can be free, have victory over the enemy and live, really, really live. For ever.

So now the pass-over celebrations are over and we go on with our lives. Are we already forgetting what we celebrated? Will we continue as if it was just another holiday? Or did we take something that will remain? Hopefully so. We are refreshed, rested and ready for the next project, keeping in mind where our resourcefulness comes from, drawing from the never-empty well of wisdom, power and strength and life.

It is from this well of life that I draw for my next book: “The god of these Times.” It is a purely fictional work that portrays certain tendencies of post modern times and where they originate. I don’t necessarily believe in conspiracy theories, but they provide a delightful source for fiction, imagination is all that needs to be added. A little research is always profitable, but imagination, allowed to run wild, rules. This will be the conspiracy of all conspiracies. The plot is coming along nicely and I can hardly wait to start working on the first draft.

Watch out for the astonishing discoveries of Andrew Stephens and how he has to flee the wrath of those who try to recover at all cost, the documents he is now researching and planning to make public. These documents contain info that will rock the world and change history, if they are made known. The “conspirators” will not stop at anything to keep their secrets hidden, but Stephens is determent to expose the truth. But will he risk everything? Will he persist if the life of his new love, the beautiful, smart, blond girl, is threatened? We’ll all have to wait and see.

Until then, my book “My Father’s Will” is available at Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle ebook. For the South African market, it can also be ordered directly from me.

Enjoy the reading.

Magdel Roets

Writer of Christian fiction, Selfpublisher of ebooks, blogger and
painter of Biblical themes.


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