The Wonders of Social Media

As I have said before, social media can be addictive and consume one’s time. Sitting with a cell phone, or in front of your computer chatting away can gobble up hours without you noticing the passing of time. Just the same, as I have said before, through social media many good things can happen. Let me tell you about two of the best things that happened to me in the past four months.

The little girl jumped up and down: “Tell us another story, Auntie, please. Tell us more.”

“I told you not to call me Auntie. I’m not that much older than you.”

“Mommy said we must call you Auntie,” her little sister informed me.

“I’ll talk to your mommy about that.”

“Okay, but now tell us another story.” So I, at the age of thirteen, told my cousin’s little daughters yet another story. They simply could not get enough.

It is now fifty years later. There was a message in my inbox, about two weeks ago. It was from a woman that I have been friends with, on Facebook for a while. She was already a published author and that is why I befriended her. I am a writer, so I befriend as many writers as I can. We have so much in common to talk about.

When I opened my inbox message, I was stunned to read what this lady wrote. She asked me about my parents and my maiden-name. She said if this was may maiden-name, and these were my parents’ names –  she named both my father and my mother’s names correctly, even my mom’s nickname – then she and I are related. I went into her time-line, something I should have done months before, I immediate realized she was the daughter of my late cousin. This lady, now in her early fifties, was the little girl jumping up and down asking another story.

What a joyous moment it was when we discovered this reality that after fifty years of hardly any contact, we have found each other on social media. It was a sad thing that her mother, one of my favourite cousins, had passed away only a few months before. We were friends on Facebook for a while. If only we had discovered the truth I could have renewed contact with my cousin as well. But to have her daughter back in my life, was a wonderful thing nevertheless.

The second good thing that happened, was that I found a publisher. I am a member of more than one writers groups on LinkedIn. We were all complaining about how difficult it is to find an honest publisher who does not charge a fortune for his services before deciding to publish your work, or make you wait six months and then tell you your book is not what they publish. And so on, and so on. Someone told me to not lose hope, just keep on Googling publishers in my genre, I should fine one that not only doesn’t charge, but would even give advances on my book before it goes into the process.

When I read the next comment in the thread, I thought, wow, maybe this is it, or maybe it is just another mat that might be pulled out under my feet the moment I think I can get excited. The comment was from a publisher in Alaska. He said: “Send me your book, I’ll publish it”. So I sent him my book, not expecting too much, as I have been disappointed too many times. To my surprise, two days later I received a contract. The accompanying letter told me that as soon as I have signed the contract, the publishing process could proceed. I was in shock for days.

I am happy to remind you all that my book, “My Father’s Will” is now available in Amazon in paperback, hardcover as well as Kindle ebook.

Or, if you live in South Africa, you can order directly from me:

Happy reading.


Magdel Roets

Writer of Christian fiction, Selfpublisher of ebooks, blogger and
painter of Biblical themes.
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