27112010010Some babies start talking at the age of two years old. My eldest grandson pointed his little index finger at everything until he was almost two. Once he started talking, you couldn’t make him stop. Traveling by bus from Johannesburg to Durban, we took the little man with us. He started talking in Johannesburg as the bus pulled out of the station. He fell asleep, still talking, just before we reached Pietermaritzburg. We made the last hour of the trip in deadly silence.

His cousin, my eldest granddaughter started pronouncing her first words at the age of ten months. Unbelievable? Maybe. I might not have believed it if I was told. But I was not. I saw it and heard it. She called everyone, including her parents, “teacha”. When she needed something, she yelled “hepme, hepme”, (help me). Sitting in her little high chair at the table, she would ask anyone passing: “whatchadoing?”

Today I’m going to tell you all what I’m doing. That is, concerning my writing. With my second book in print on Amazon and two ebooks on Smashwords, (im-)patiently waiting on buyers and readers, it is time to get going on what comes next. There are three novellas, almost finished. They will be published soon, as ebooks on Smashwords and be made available as a box set at a special discount price. The titles are “The bigger Fish”, (I’m still thinking about this one), “Late Summer Lily” and “Man in a Picture”.

“The bigger Fish” is a romantic story about two art students, the choices they make and the effect of those choices on their lives. One chose small pleasures, believing she is not worthy of better things. The other went after the more serious, more permanent things. You’ll have to read the whole story to find out who, in the end caught the bigger fish, and who the bigger fish really is.

In “Late Summer Lily” a mother’s love covers all. Though not always returned, the love Nelly Theunis has for her grown-up children and the hope she has, carries her through difficult times.

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