Book in print

People often ask me to talk about my book. I don’t know what to answer to that. Let the book speak for itself:


My dad died this morning.  Andrew phoned as I was packing my bags.  In two hours, I have to be on the plane, but it is too late.  He is gone.  I sit down on my bed and start sobbing.  ‘Daddy, why didn’t you wait for me!  Couldn’t you last a few more hours?  Couldn’t you…?’  I grab a pillow and hug it tightly; burying my face in it.  After a few minutes, it is soaked.


Andrew looked at Marie, Marie looked at Delia and Delia looked at Andrew.

“Sorry, Son, but that’s all you’re getting.  We haven’t had time for shopping.  Just grabbed a little something passing by the tool shop yesterday.  Hope you like it.”  Marie and Delia were both very interested in their food.

“Well, aren’t you going to open it?”  Andrew asked and took a bite.  They all watched him, but pretended not to.  Justin slowly, humbly opened the little parcel.  It was a key-ring with a Cessna logo on it.

“Gee, thanks.  I’ll surely find a use for it.”   If he was ten years younger, this would be a good moment to start crying.

“I’m sure you will.  Like for these perhaps.”  Andrew took a set of keys from his pocket and handed it to Justin.

“What is this?”

“What does it look like?”


“Well, let’s finish breakfast then I’ll show you where they fit.”


That’s all you’re getting today, folks. But don’t worry, the printers are almost done with the book, then you can have your chance. Happy reading.


Thank you for visiting. Please call again.

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