Soon to be published

Social media can be an addiction. It can be a waste of time. But it can also present opportunities where you can connect. on social media was where I found a publisher. Or he found me.

After many months of trying, searching, Googling, I finally connected with a publisher who was instantly interested in my work. Although most of my books are self published on Smashwords, I needed a paper book publisher and am very happy that finally one of my books will physically appear on the shelves of book stores.

“Father’s Will” is the story of a bunch of spoiled people about to inherit millions. Their father, who left them this fortune in his will, knew they would squander the money. Because he loved them and were concerned about their future, he had to make a plan. Will this plan work? Will the person he trusted with their future comply with his wishes? Or will this person spitefully take advantage and keep what should be going to the heirs?

This book is in the process of getting published right now. I will soon have a release date and publish a teaser or two right here. So watch out. It is coming.

The writer,


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